Towards Regenerative Societies

Source: Come to Life

Poorly Designed Communities

©Lemille, Sketch by R. Acker

Magically Conceived Nature

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Inspirational Adaptive Communities

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Solving Extreme Complexity

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Preserving the “Life Equation”

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Shifting the Cursor of the Circular Economy


Adapting to the Biosphere

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Caring for the Technosphere

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A Symbiotic Tool for all 17 SDGs


Designing for People’s Needs

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Nurturing U.N. Human Development (Amartya Sen, Mahbub ul Haq)


Replacing Ecosystems Functions


Fast-Track to a Doughnut Economics

©Lemille, Sketch by R. Acker, Source: K. Raworth

We Know Enough

©Lemille, Photo credit: Come to Life
©Lemille, Sketch by R. Acker

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere