The Circular Humansphere (2020 Update)

The Circular Humansphere (2020 update) by Alexandre Lemille

What if a populated world could be good news?

Figure 1: Redesigning a new model begins with understanding where abundance lies.

“we can all live on a finite planet with prosperous societies if we so wish.”

“Because they are infinitely available as they are the only ones constantly renewed together with those of the biological cycles!”

Who are we really? What are we here for?

“Mainly because we won’t get a second chance.”

“A pause before moving on to a next model is therefore deemed necessary… don’t you think?”

Figure 2: Change our behavior by imagining our future functions within the biosphere and our future roles with the technosphere in an empathetic model that takes care of all.

Put simply, our companies will be one element of a chain of elements working towards preserving LIFE.

How do we move to a Safe & Just Space?

Maybe our next Universal Human Goals (UHGs)?

It would signify understanding what it really means to advance humanity under hostile conditions — when we failed under friendly conditions.

Figure 3: Our macro-level goals should be based on the evolution of messages received from our biosphere as well as the means by which humanity would thrive under hostile conditions.

How to avoid a Consumption Rebound?

All these negative externalities can only be designed out if we all move towards that very goal, applying the same thinking as we do to design out waste and pollution!

Just nobody and nothing could stop you.

The good news is that a rebound in consumption can be avoided, but the tricky part is that it is about changing our mentalities…

Figure 4: Inventing a decision-making process based on renewed spatial relationships and time scale is our best barrier against a greed-centered model.

A fairly significant change in mindset…

How to design for Abundance?

Figure 5: A fully distributed model that designs power concentrations out, leads to abundance

What kind of change in job creation does this represent?

An anchored spiraling vision bestowing abundance on others.

Here human ventures become our link with the preservation of life.

How to adapt deeply to the Biosphere?

To succeed, we must encourage abundance and avoid scarcity

Figure 6: in the Anthropocene era, humans have become abundant biological nutrients and endless sources of decentralized energies to the benefits of our biosphere.

What more beautiful symbol of humility?

How to reset our Belief System?

Some human communities have been successful, why not all of us together?

Figure 7: Decentering will help us reposition ourselves in the Earth system and become human again.

Taking human complexity into account will prevent us from making future mistakes.

Yet, changing our belief system is the most critical of all dimensions.

And no utopia here.

It is in difficult times that humans ‘re-wake up’.

If we make what is sacred and what is not interact, we could define the rules to align with the regeneration of this life-preserving biosphere.

Why do we need an Ecosphere Life Model?

Humans are living beings with values, beliefs and a conscious like all other beings on this planet.

Decision-makers that succeed in keeping us away from all kinds of rebounds will be designated as our leaders then, and only then.

Figure 8: Setting our new guidelines at the right level, that is at the ecosystem one, is our best option for understanding the system we depend on.

A regenerative world populated by humans is up to us to make good news. And it is not just a matter of perspective but willingness.

When and How do we know we will get there?

Altogether they would be playing the role of a human compass for any communities or any organizations willing to preserve future generations.

Figure 9: WEadership is about understanding the path that will take us all there by making wise but painful decisions today to preserve the day after.

It is now up to you to define what these indicators are in order to get us there.

Becoming Regenerative Beings, our Common Goal?

They are mostly in the wrong place and not rated at their right level, based on a belief system that needs a reset.

Learning the best ways to make long-distance decisions will help us create the necessary buffer as we see greed disappearing in the decades to come.

Figure 10: The Circular Humansphere (2020), a comprehensive perspective of our symbiotic planet where all the elements interact with each other and a thought proposal for better tomorrows



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