The Circular Humansphere (2019 update)

New Human Roles — Alexandre Lemille (2019)

Integrating all stocks and flows, from a genuine symbiotic perspective.

by Alexandre Lemille (2019 update)

An Economy of Stocks and Flows

Our Third Stock, a Dynamic Stock

Decreasing and increasing stocks and flows on Earth

New Human Roles

The Circular Humansphere

4 Humansphere Strategies

Strategies highlighting our Ability to Change

Adaptation Strategy (‘we are Nature’):

Valorisation Strategy (‘we are Energy’):

Strategies highlighting our Distance to System Circularity

Evolution Strategy:

Advancement3 Strategy (well-being = adaptation + valorisation):

Humans as part of the “Life Equation”

Any economic that care for people and planet would be designed on these Priorities

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere