The 1st ”Circular Economy 2.0" Conference

Circular Economy 2.0 embedding Social Inequality, Helsinki, Finland

On November 1st 2018, I had the opportunity to be the keynote speaker of the 1st “Circular Economy 2.0” Conference, organised by and held at Sitra Finland, the Innovation Fund of the Finnish Parliament.

A “Circular Economy 2.0” represents genuine advances compared to the current circular model as it embeds the social dimension. Applying the ‘Circular Thinking’, the social dimension is translated here as an additional stock of abundant resources and flow of effective endless energies that could be desired when other resources are scarce.

Besides being a clear progress from the 1st version, it is now becoming highly critical: indeed, since the issuance of the 2018 IPCC Report, the 2014 NASA-funded HANDY research has resurfaced ( It clearly indicates that Humanity will disappear within few decades just due to two issues: social inequality & resource mismanagement. These two issues have been core to the “Circular Economy 2.0” model since it was first published on 2014 & discussed during the 1st DIF Festival at The Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Glad to see that the 1st event addressing both issues at the same time happened last week. The video of my speech is now available.

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere