Safe & Just Circular Principles

The link between the Doughnut Economy & the Circular Economy

Published on Published on Linked In on November 14, 2016

The Doughnut Economy: a Safe & Just Space for Humanity

The Doughnut Economy has been designed by Kate Raworth, then former Senior Researcher at Oxfam. Within a single representation of our planetary and social boundaries she is explaining how one could live within a Safe and Just Space for Humanity.

Applying the Circular Economy Principles on the Doughnut Economy

What is striking with the Circular Economy is that this virtuous economic model fits in well in addressing some — not all — of the environmental ceiling, living and working differently by mimicking how nature functions.

“Safe” Circular Principles (Existing Principles)

Based on the work done by The Ellen MacArthur Foundation “the circular economy rests on three principles, each addressing several of the resource and system challenges that industrial economies faces.

Proposed “Just” Principles

If we want a Circular Economy designed to address the needs of all of us, we should ensure that services are accessible, affordable and generating bottom-line benefits. Hence the people need to be at its circular core, not at its periphery.

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere

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