Replacing Energy by Countless Jobs or Activities

Moving from endless growth to endless jobs, since we have no other choices


From the Fake to the Real Economy

Our economic model has been based on the fake belief that we can grow endlessly without any proper understanding of the costs incurred to the environment. Up to this day we believe that the economic is separated from the environmental, and, on top of this, our artificial world is disconnecting us completely with the realities in which we live in.

Our Rooms for Innovation

We have finally come to realize that our world is finite. The Circular Economy is helping us understand the way we should align ourselves and our businesses with natural cycles. Re-designing our system giving equitable chances — so that we can all thrive — could therefore be also possible.

  1. The stock of Humans — we are numerous and growing fast, yet, we tend to overlook our own potential;

Abundance = Biosphere + Humans

Our Technosphere (as depicted in the “Butterfly Diagram” of The Ellen MacArthur Foundation) depends on elements. They are our “Limited Resources”. They are to be preserved and their quality maintained at the highest value possible. Our primary focus here is to reduce energy, unleash access (over ownership) and maintain the value high.

A Marshall Plan with Sizable Consideration

We need a Marshall Plan where rewards would be the re-abondance of environmental services and the re-investment in human capital. The decision making process — also called “the Golden Rule” — would be to first rebuild the Natural Capital, then focus on the Human Capital prior to look at solutions in the Re-manufactured Capital.

The Adapted Butterfly Diagram

There is a need to integrate human flows as part of this diagram to understand whether we are creating value in the both spheres. The original approach of the diagram was to explain ways to move from a linear economy (the central spine) to create feedback loops. Integrating humans in it (thanks to the Humansphere) only helps us see our potential role(s) in an advanced circular scenario while preserving a balance between all spheres.

Being Restorative Beings

There are two main business model from the Humansphere:

  1. Humans-as-Services: this is our Output Model. We are power. Using our endless energy to provide services that would care for the Technosphere is our best option to avoid a Circular rebound;

Humans-as-Resources Examples

Dycle (Humans-as-Matter): young families in Berlin are provided with free bio-compostable diapers for their newly born babies in exchange of the babies’ input. Collected in a central service point, this human-based solution is used to prepare a rich black humus that would help grow fruit trees. By creating a new loop, Dycle provides diapers and generates its benefits from selling fruits.

Humans-as-Services Examples

Mercedes-Benz (Humans-assisting-Robots): earlier this year, humans returned to the manufacturing plant of Sindelfingen, Germany, as robots could not keep up with the high level of customisation required with S-Class cars. Highly versatile and adaptable instantly, workers are now assisting robots so that a better service is delivered providing both efficiency (robots & humans) and effectiveness (humans).

A Future of Endless Jobs or Activities

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere