New roles, new functions, new governance of The Circular Humansphere (Source: Lemille — Sketch by Rachael Acker)

R.I.P ‘Circular Economy 2.0’, Long Live The Circular Humansphere

Ending the concept of ‘Circular Economy 2.0’

The ‘Circular Economy 2.0’ was a call launched in early 2016 in The Huffington Post USA where I was asking to embed negative social externalities within the circular economy so to guaranty our next model will also be giving a chance for anyone to thrive.

“Circularity without equality is like trees without its roots. It won’t survive. The great news is that both makes business sense!”

Since then, the Nasa funded HANDY Human-Nature dynamics system released its first projections on human civilizations advising us to look at reasons why past civilizations disappeared since we are on our pathway to these very same mistakes.

“There is no guaranty the Circular Economy will be equitable. Since it is considered as the foundational thinking of our next economic model, let us make sure it will be.”

Now, the intention is to add to the debate, not go against it. Thus mentioning the term “Circular Economy 2.0” in my view may be confusing from now on.

The Circular Humansphere: Towards Regenerative Societies

My answer to the 2016 ‘Circular Economy 2.0’ article is this one today: The Circular Humansphere.

  1. “We are Energy”, designing an economy that cares for everything and everyone is thus possible;
  2. “We are Value”, we know enough to shift our consciousness away from mechanical and technological beliefs to build a framework based on deep empathy;
The Life Equation (Source: Lemille — Sketch by Rachael Acker)
  1. within the Sustainable Development Goals as in “designing all negative externalities out implementing the ‘Circular Thinking’”,
  2. within — obviously — the Circular Economy as in “a third opportunity to innovate from a symbiotic perspective of all stocks and flows”,
  3. and, so to stay on our pathway to the Safe and Just Space for Humanity of Doughnut Economics as in “The Circular Humansphere is a suggestion to migrate and stay within the Just Space for Humanity in a regenerative model of society”.
The 5 Humansphere Strategies (Source: Lemille — Sketch by Rachael Acker)

The Circular Humansphere should:

>>> help advance the Human Development model of Amartya Sen (adopted by the United Nations) by strengthening communities ‘s capabilities and choices. Communities anywhere in the world have the opportunity to live a life in full capacity if they experience strengthened capabilities and choices in every day activities;

The Circular Humansphere relation with the Human Development model/Index (Source: Lemille)

“Of all stocks, human knowledge is the most important one but it needs high maintenance at all times”

The Circular Humansphere should:

>>> accelerate the reach to all of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by developing our future economy in an inclusive and circular way, designing out all negative externalities. A caring-for-all ecosystemic framework that also makes business sense in a self-regenerative approach could be addressing not 6 or 7 SDG Goals but all of them at once;

The Circular Humansphere within a Circular Economy diagram would address all 17 SDGs (Source: Lemille)

“In Nature, all beings have a role or a function to play to regenerate the biosphere. How is it that we have unemployment and poverty then?”

The Circular Humansphere could:

>>> be inserted within the Circular Economy as a way to innovate further with the resources and energies we have at hand. to ensure we design material circularity not to sell more services but to respond to needs with the objective of increasing human and non-human prosperity;

Emphasizing on abundance of flows within a circular economic context (Source: Lemille)

“Decoupling business and environmental impact is great. Adding societal impact on top is your unique selling point.”

The Circular Humansphere is a way to:

>>> help accelerate our reach into the Doughnut Economics’ Just Space for Humanity, besides the Safe Space one (Circular Economy). Working on both the Circular Economy and the Circular Humansphere in parallel or jointly, is a way to move us safely and in a just way to the common Space for Humanity;

If the social equity is embedded within our next model, we could be fast-tracked to Doughnut Economics’ Safe and Just Space for Humanity (Source: Lemille — Sketch by Rachael Acker)
The new Circular Humansphere logo

The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere