Circular Human Flows

Enhancing Humans as an integral part of Circular Economic Flows.

Published on Linked In on April 6, 2017

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Alexandre Lemille, adapted from The Ellen McArthur Foundation

Global Social Risks

As previously explained in these articles — “HumanSphere added”, “HumanSphere Business Models” and “Inclusive Circular Models” — there is a strong belief that a social dimension would be needed as an integral part of the powerful Circular Economic framework to preserve and enhance human value.

Adapting the “Diagram”

Inserting a HumanSphere in-between the BioSphere and the TechnoSphere — in the so-called “Butterfly Diagram” from The Ellen McArthur Foundation — could help us rethink of the role of humans within these two cycles, the biological and technological nutrient ones. By doing so, it will help us pause and question ourselves whether we could position humans-as-flows or humans-as-resources, prior to look for answers in the technological spaces.

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Us and the Two Spheres

ADAPTATION: The arrow going towards the BioSphere might help us think at ways we could re-build our ecosystems by implementing adaptive strategies seeing ourselves as energies and resources. As explained in the book “Cradle-to-Cradle” from M. Braungart and W. McDonough, ants weight more that all humans, yet they re-build the BioSphere, so why can’t we? Looking at own self as being part of the solution could change the nature of the debate: whether technologies will save us from climate disruptions, with, at the back of our mind, the exit solution as the final answer: the planet B…

Feedback Loops to the HumanSphere

Feedback loops from the BioSphere and the TechnoSphere into the HumanSphere are numerous and virtuous. From the enhanced BioSphere, Humans will enjoy higher conditions conducive to life, as explained in biomimicry. From an evolving relation with flourishing environmental services, they will access better food and invigorated life conditions. From an enhanced TechnoSphere, Humans will be granted access to a preferred path towards further development enabling better life experiences.

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The Circular Humansphere or how humans will preserve conditions conducive to life #CircHumansphere

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